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Springa is Bristol’s most well known, unknown MC. He was born in Bristol in 1993 amidst the cities thriving music scene. Fascinated by his word smith cousin who made music, he started writing rhymes around 9 years old. However, he didn’t really start rapping until around 14 when his well known, bass heavy Bristol collective, Sub Slags, made their name smashing the cities club circuit.
After the crew went their separate ways Springa started getting traction when he linked up with Jay 0117 and filmed the ‘0117 cypher’ with a selection of heavyweight Bristol MC’s. This pushed Springa further into the limelight and him and Jay 0117 went on to make more moves together, Springa saying “I owe a lot to jay, he gave me a place to record when i had no where to go”.
In 2018 Springa carried on with his own projects releasing his debut EP ‘elevators’ with the help of his close friend, fellow artist & manager Drapes, which is a perfect example of of his talent, sound, story and vision. He has collaborated with a large list of Bristol heavyweights making him well known in the cypher circuit, underground scene and further afield.
Being incredibly creative with words and having a lot to say, matched with a completely unique flow, has brought Springa into the top 3 selected for most locals. He is currently making his debut album and will be touring and playing shows with the Green Brick Records roster.

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