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DJ / Producer

Hailing from the a small town in Dorset, Badhabitz is a hip-hop producer now residing in Bristol. In the tradition of boombap beatmakers Habitz is a man of many influences, pulling sounds from all corners of the music world to craft his sound. He started making beats circa 2004 and soon after started producing under the Krate Krusaders pseudonym, but it wasn't until he moved to Bristol in 2008 and became part of the city's hip-hop scene that he really began to make a name for himself with his production skills on the 2010 Split Prophets debut release 'Scribbled thoughts'. Since then he has gone on to produce multiple projects with the SP crew as well as other artists

BadHabitz: Artists

Visual Releases

Res One, Lazy Eyez & Badhabitz - Stay Real [Official Video]

July 2018

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October 2014

This is one of the newest releases courtesy of Green Brick Records, and if you liked this artist’s last work, it’s guaranteed you’ll love this album. Reserve your very own copy ahead of time, and if you want to learn more about the recording process with this incredible artist, feel free to get in touch.

Split Prophets - The Mo

Feb 2016

Filmed and edited by George Nevin Additional footage: Louis Gane Dan Higginson Tidy Mike

BadHabitz: Releases
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